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My name is Sam Kibler, I was born in the small town of Rhinelander in the gorgeous state of Wisconsin. I am the youngest of 5 boys. There was little to do growing up in northern Wisconsin so my brothers and I would spend most of the time playing outside, building forts, messing with our dad’s tools, and being out of our mother’s hair as much as possible.  Those days ignited my excitement for all things outdoors.  My hobbies are hiking, mountain biking, skiing, camping, and anything outside.  

Jobs were few and far between in our tight-knit community so I picked up landscaping. My brother Spencer was my foreman for many years and taught me most of what I know today. We specialized in hardscape: patios, walkways, retaining walls, and seating areas. I watched and learned from my older brother just so I can stay one step ahead of him, not only for bragging rights but to learn this craft to perfection.  With my skill set, I learned through practice and dedication, I was promoted to oversee a crew of my own at the age of 19. I fell in love with my new role, the design, building the project from start to finish, and being able to admire the fruits of my labor. 

During the winter of 2012, the mountains called and I moved to Colorado. My life was consumed by exploration of the new state and all it had to offer, including branching out into a different area of my career’s passion.  I began working for a landscape supply store where I was able to learn about the products, supplies, and materials that made my landscaping creations such a beautiful enhancement to my customer’s yards.  With all this knowledge, it didn’t take me long to go back out into the field and use my education as another tool to enhance communities around Colorado Springs.  After a year with the supply store, I was offered an opportunity to run a landscaping crew.  

During my time with a local landscaping company, it didn’t take long for me to recognize a key element missing in most of the yards I saw.  There was such an extreme lack of effort or care in the work done.  With landscaping being such a luxury cost with your home, why wouldn’t these companies treat their customers like it was their own yard?  Where were the original designs?  Where was the thoughtfulness and time needed to get a quality job done?  Soon after seeing this, I decided it was time to open my own business.  It was my responsibility to show the quality and professionalism that I had learned growing up, and to share it with my new hometown.  I want my customers to know that quality, original landscaping is still possible.

Contact us today to get your lawn or garden transformed into a beautiful landscape. Our team at Alpine Landscaping LLC is always ready to help you out: don’t miss the opportunity.

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